Gloucestershire Ladies' County Golf Association

2021 GGG Coaching


GGG strives to ensure a relevant programme of coaching is available to girls showing potential, commitment and involvement, as it is an important part of their all round co-ordinated golfing development. This includes group and individual lessons with your club pro, practising putting, the short as well as the long game. It also includes learning about course management, golf rules and etiquette and of course playing in lots of different competitions at your club, with GGG and in junior opens. 

To help progress your golfing development it is best to set clear goals supported by a month by month plan of how you are going to achieve those goals, so you can monitor your progress along the journey.  If you would like some help with this please download the  Goal Setting Sheet and fill it in with help from your club pro and/or county coach.

Some of our girls have been offered national coaching awards and we are very proud of these girls and delighted that their hard work is recognised.   

2021 GGG County Academy programme (CAP)



Birdie (South)

Birdie (South)

Fledgling (South)

Fledgling/Birdie (North)

Tom Gillespie

Guiseppe Licata

Tom Duke

Emma Brown

Jamie McCormick


The Kendleshire GC

Filton GC

Knowle GC

The Kendleshire GC

Cotswold Hills GC


1 May - 1500-1700hrs

5 Jun -  1500-1700hrs

31 Jul - 1500-1800hrs

11 Sept - 1500-1800hrs

9 Oct - 1400-1700hrs

25 Apr - 0900-1100hrs

16 May - 0900-1100 hrs

4 Jul - 0900-1200hrs

25 Jul - 0900-1200hrs

3 Oct - 0900-1200hrs

10 Apr - 0845-1045hrs

15 May - 1300-1500hrs

3 Jul - 0845-1145hrs

14 Aug - 0845-1145hrs

5 Sept - 1400-1700hrs

1 May - 1300-1500hrs

12 Jun - 1300-1500hrs

10 Jul - 1300-1600hrs

18 Sept- 1300-1600hrs

2 Oct - 1300-1600hrs

25 Apr- 1000-1200hrs

20 Jun - 1000-1200hrs

18 Jul - 0900-1200hrs

15 Aug - 1000-1300hrs

16 Oct - 1400-1700hrs

Squad Members

Sofia Benitez

Millie Gait

Taylor Hodgson

Elizabeth Robbins

Sophie White

Sophie Williams

Emily Austen

Rosie Boyle

Mariella Buchanan

Molly Kemery

Lily Oswald

Frances Sullivan

Lila Hazell

Ellie Holmes

Una Morrissey

Lottie Butler

Gracie Bisp

Beau Hickery

Bonnie Hickery

Poppy Rowe

Bethany Boyle

Lauren Bowers

Maddie Bowers

Molly Douglas

Vittoria Mucilli

Dominica Stevenson

As the girls progress in their golf development, in consultation with the coaches, they are moved within the CAP squads and then eventually move into the Performance and/or Elite Squads. These two coaching squads are much smaller and focus on course management, psychology, nutrition and specific technical aspects of the game.  These two squads have been created to prepare the girls to move into the Ladies Training Squad once they are ready.





Jamie McCormick

Jamie McCormick

Venue Cotswold Hills GC Cotswold Hills GC

2 May - 1000 - 1200 hrs

6 June - 1100 - 1400 hrs

25 July - 1000 - 1200 hrs

19 September - 1100 - 1400 hrs

Coaching Day at Hartpury College - TBC

2 May 1200 - 1400 hrs

6 June - 1400 - 1700 hrs

25 July - 1200 - 1400 hrs

19 September - 1400 - 1700 hrs

Coaching Day at Hartpury College - TBC

Squad Members

Gabriella Haynes

Shannon Jones

Rhian McGinley

Lily Whitaker

Robyn Bailey

Bethany Earl

Neve Jeffery

Lucy Mabley

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