Gloucestershire Ladies' County Golf Association

GGG - 2021 Team Matches

Organiser: Alex Saunders, Match Manager GGG (

We have another year of exciting match fixtures.



Time & Date



GGG vs.Gloucestershire U16 Boys

Sunday, 7 March at 1100 hrs

Filton GC


GGG vs. Worcestershire & Herefordshire Girls'

Sunday, 25 April at 1200 hrs 

Gloucester GC


South West Junior Inter-Counties Tournament

Sunday, 8 August - Wednesday, 11 August

Isle of Wedmore GC


GGG vs. Gloucestershire Lady Vets

Tuesday, 31 August at 11:30 hours

Minchinhampton Old Course GC

LOSS 3:2

GGG vs. Oxfordshire Girls

Sunday, 26 September at 1120 hours

Bristol & Clifton GC

LOSS 6:1

Match reports are posted on the News and Results page.

The matches are a great way for our girls to meet other girls from neighbouring Counties and play new courses and the Lady Vets’ match provides an opportunity for the girls to learn from some of the more experienced lady golfers in the county...


Girls with an active CONGU handicap are eligible to play in every match, although available girls with the lowest handicaps will be prioritised for selection in matches played against other Counties i.e. all our matches other than the matches against the Lady Vets and the U16 County Boys. 

Even if you think your handicap is too high, please still provide your availability for every match, as girls lower than you may not be available or may drop out or your handicap may reduce over the season making you eligible to play for the Girls' team.


Please let me know your availability by emailing ( a 2021 Match Availability Form by 18 April – unfortunately any availability forms received after the 18 April will not be prioritised for selection regardless of handicap. 

Don’t forget to keep a note of the matches you have indicated you are available for and if for any reason girls who have indicated they are available to play in matches find themselves unable to do so, then please email me ( as soon as possible to let me know so that I can bring in other girls who are available. 


The team plus 2 reserves will be selected three weeks before the match and the girls emailed to re-confirm their, availability, current handicap and any post-match meal dietary requirements.  Replies will be needed within 48 hours so the finalised team and handicaps can be posted on this website page 7 days before the match date and emails sent to the team with match details.

There are no match or course fees to pay and the cost of the post-match meals are funded by GGG. 


As you are representing Gloucestershire County you will be expected to wear County colours i.e. white polo shirt, navy or black trousers/shorts/skorts and a burgundy jumper or sweatshirt.  Most of you have been involved in County Academy coaching over the years, so should have a white polo shirt and burgundy jumper or sweatshirt.  If you do not have the appropriate kit, then please let me know and I will arrange for you to borrow a polo shirt or jumper for the match.


After each match the teams will have a meal together.  No change of clothes is required but it is advisable to bring spare clothes in case of poor weather.  If you find that you are no longer able to stay for the meal please email me ( as soon as possible, but if you let me know the day before or the day of the match then we will ask you to cover the cost of the meal you are missing, as GGG will still be charged.

These matches are a good way of making new friends from other counties and gives you the opportunity to play courses which you might not have experienced.  Matches also give you the experience of different golf formats and will prepare you for playing team golf if you have ambitions to represent Gloucestershire County at a more advanced level with the Ladies Squad.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything to do with the forthcoming matches, then please get in touch with me by telephone - 079999 70799 or by emailing me:

I look forward to catching up with you at some of the 2021 matches.

Alex Saunders (Match Manager)

South West Junior Inter Counties Tournament - 8-11 August - Isle of Wedmore Golf Club, Somerset

Last year's tournament was cancelled due to the pandemic, but we are hopeful that this year's will go ahead and we are planning on the basis that it will go ahead at the moment.  However safety is of paramount importance and a final decision will be made 6 weeks before the event.  This decision will be subject to Government and England Golf restrictions being fully lifted as this tournament brings together 6 County teams of 8 girls plus County Executives and we need to ensure that everyone can play and enjoy the tournament in as risk free an environment as possible and not compromise anyone's safety.

This year Somerset will be hosting this tournament at the Isle of Wedmore Golf Club between 8-11 August with a practice round on Sunday, 8 August.  The tournament will start on Monday morning with Counties playing against each other in a round robin matchplay format.  Five matches will be played in each session - 2 foursomes match and 3 singles matches with one team member rested for each session.

We will be taking a squad of 8 girls with 7 girls playing in each match with 1 rested.  There is a handicap maximum of 24 for this tournament but this will not restrict the selection of girls with higher handicaps if they are playing well in the period leading up to the tournament.  The following selection criteria will be used to select the squad.  

Criteria for Selection:

  • four lowest handicapped junior golfers available to play
  • GGG Captain and Vice Captain if not one of the four lowest handicapped golfers
  • plus two-four picks selected by members of the GGG Committee based on current form, feedback from County Academy Coaches and girls’ involvement and commitment to GGG by competing in qualifying GGG competitions up to and including 11/7/21.

The squad will be announced by 18/7/21.

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