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The 2019 AGM and lunch date - Monday 11th February 2019 at The Hatherley Manor Hotel.




at Cleeve Hill, 28th September 2018

Report from Captain Barbara Smyth

Our last match of the season against the men’s captains was eagerly anticipated.  Could we wrestle the trophy from those men?  As they arrived and huddled together outside the clubhouse for a serious team talk we realised we were up against it – they never like to lose to a bunch of ladies!

The weather was extremely kind to us, as it has been for all of our matches this year (if not the Summer Meeting!).  I was delighted that the players, several of whom hadn’t played the course before, were treated to clear skies and stupendous views of the Malverns, the Severn Bridge, Winchcombe and Cheltenham racecourse.  It’s really true that we get nice weather on Cleeve Hill!

As the results began to trickle in, it was looking hopeful for a while but a final push by the men’s captains gave them victory by 5 matches to 3.  Darn it!!

The match was played in great spirit and many of the games came down to the last couple of holes.  I’d like to thank my playing partners Helen, who played a stormer, Mike and Pat who were most gracious and amusing opponents.  Thank you to all our ladies who fought hard against the odds.  As usual at Cleeve the food was fantastic and generous, so thank you to Margaret and her team.

This was my last match as captain and I want to thank all the ladies who have played for our teams this year for your support, especially those who have stepped in late or stood by to be called up at the last minute.  We couldn’t do it without you.





at Saltford  Golf Club 20th September 2018 

Report from Jane Barrett Past Captain.  

As I drove to Saltford golf Club in the tail end of hurricane Ali I wondered if my tenure was going to end as it began with a washout. Luckily the rain cleared and the sun came out just in time and 35 of us enjoyed a day of good company and golf followed by an excellent running buffet.  Playing the usual format of a bowmaker with players from different Clubs teamed together old alliances were renewed and new friendships formed.

  Results of the day were:

 Best par on 9 Chris Dooley ( noone managed to get on the green!)

 Nearest the pin 17 – Kaye Rosser.

 Team results: 

1st – Kaye Rosser, Sue Trewin, Denise Eland 76 points 

2nd Pat Spencer, Wendy Burgess, Barbara Smyth 74 points  

3rd Liz Finch, Kay Beaumont, Sue Dyke 74 points 

Thanks to all who played and made the day enjoyable for all.




at Stinchcombe Hill, 13th September 2018

Report from Lady Captain Barbara Smyth

The last time we had a home match against Somerset in 2016 it was arranged at this venue, but we all had to go home because the mist came down and the match was cancelled.  Two years later, and what a difference!  A beautiful clear day to enjoy the magnificent views from Stinchcombe Hill.

I felt quite relaxed as the Somerset captain Jan had asked to go out third rather than first.  For the first time this season I was not rushing to get to the tee to start on time!  Games were closely fought and played in good spirit.  Results see-sawed all the way through the match and I was keeping my fingers crossed as the last pairing of vice-captain Jackie Berry and past captain Jane Barrett arrived on the 18th green.  A win for our final pair gave us another tied match:  Gloucestershire 4, Somerset 4.

We all enjoyed our meal together and got to know each other better.  Thanks go to the Stinchcombe catering department for a delicious meal and to professional Paul for setting everything up for us.  Thank you to my team for playing your best as usual and for being so easy to manage.  Just one more match to go for 2018!!  Where has the time gone??




 At Knighton Heath,  22nd August 2018

Report from Captain Barbara Smyth 

This is our furthest away match and I was sweating a bit in the previous weeks as reserves seemed to have evaporated into thin air!  But my stalwart team didn’t let me down and all arrived in very good time at Knighton Heath.  I did feel rather fortunate, though, after speaking to the Dorset captain who was coming to the end of her 2 year tenure – and they have to travel to Cornwall! 

As usual, there was plenty of chat before the match as ladies renewed acquaintances.  The weather was kind to us again - fine, but much cooler than of late which was appreciated.  The landscape of the course was very typical of the area (close to the New Forest) and our opponents were welcoming and friendly.  As the results began to come in it was clear that there had been many close matches and the final result was not decided until the last match.  Dorset 4, Gloucester 4 – what a friendly result! 

We enjoyed a delicious meal with the lovely company of the Dorset team and, in spite of the long journey home ahead of them, all of the Gloucester ladies seemed to enjoy their day.  Thank you to my team for travelling to Dorset, for being so reliable and for playing hard with smiles on your faces.  I hope you had fun! 



GLCGS Challenge Match

At South Herefordshire, July 31st 2018

Report from Barbara Smyth

This was an unfamiliar venue for many of our ladies, way up in the far north of our region!  The weather, however, was not at all northerly – yet another glorious day for our match and slightly cooler than of late due to the weekend storms.  Just perfect conditions!

The Challenge match is always a difficult one to win as we mostly play against a full team of home players, and with several of the South Herefordshire ladies on very hot form it was a real challenge!  Congratulations to them on a great performance, well done to our scoring pairs and of course many thanks to all of my team for trying so hard, win or lose.  South Herefordshire won the match by 5 1/2 to 2 ½.

The meal was a delicious salad buffet followed by strawberries and cream, just right for a lovely summer’s day.  Thank you very much to all at South Herefordshire, particularly Lynn Relph who organised the match so efficiently.  I am hoping that, sometime soon, with a bit more practice, I may become a winning captain!


GLCGS v Gloucestershire Vets  

 At Brickhampton Court, 24th July 2018 

Report from Captain Barbara Smyth 

This is always a popular match as so many of the ladies from both sides know each other well.  So popular, in fact, 3 ladies had signed up to play for both teams!!  Happily, this was amicably sorted out before the day!  Due to greater team numbers we play this match in Greensomes format, which was generally appreciated on yet another hot summer day. 

The Vets captain, Rose Hook, was a non-playing captain and she was most thoughtful in arranging cool drinks and lots of encouragement at the halfway point.  The matches were very closely fought with several decided on the 18th green.  However, sadly for us, the Vets came out on top by 6 matches to 4.  The trophy was presented by Lorna Sparkes, GLCGS captain in 2014, who donated the trophy for this annual event. 

Many thanks to the Brickhampton catering team for an excellent carvery meal served in a lovely room, which, together with excellent company, provided a most convivial atmosphere.  Thanks to Rose for such a lot of help on the day and to my team for trying their hardest as always.


 GLCGS v Wiltshire

at The Bristol 6th July 2018

Report from Captain Barbara Smyth

Once again, we had a beautiful day for our match against Wiltshire at The Bristol.  We were welcomed for our pre-match refreshments by friendly staff and by society members Maria McNally and Rachael Paul. 

The course was in lovely condition given the recent very dry weather and all of the ladies enjoyed the views, especially the visitors, who had not played The Bristol before.  Rachael Paul had arranged for water to be available half way round and everyone was grateful for the opportunity to top up.

Back in the clubhouse the results began to trickle in, and things were not looking good for Gloucestershire.  Wiltshire had some very strong partnerships and came out as winners by a resounding 6 matches to 2.  However, judging by the noise level around the table in our lovely dining room, nobody had fallen out and we enjoyed a delicious meal together.

Many thanks to the hospitality team at The Bristol for an excellent day which was greatly appreciated by both teams.



at Tredegar Park  -  Wednesday 27th June 2018


This is definitely the match which has given me the most headaches!  The date was changed by our hosts after our fixture card went to print, which didn’t seem much of a problem, but it continued to cause confusion.  I exacerbated this by changing the date but not the weekday on the team sheet I sent out!  Then I withdrew two ladies from the team when they had actually withdrawn from the Dorset match!  Imagine how I felt when I arrived at Tredegar Park to see them sitting comfortably in the lounge!


What fabulous weather we had.  Wall to wall sunshine and a course in Wales burnt brown by the sun!  Unheard of!!  Our ladies set off in their pairs with frozen water bottles, sunhats, parasols etc – we might well have been in Florida!  First results didn’t go so well for us but the later pairs fought back and we ended up losing the match by 5 games to 3.  Hot and bothered coming in, the ladies soon cooled off with drinks in the bar and friendly banter about the matches.  Tredegar Park staff and Gwent ladies were very friendly and welcoming and we enjoyed a delicious meal.


I’d like to thank my team, both winners and losers, for everyone tried their very best and it was tough out there!  But most of all I would like to thank Sue Sturman and Pat Spencer from Minchinhampton, who travelled all the way to Tredegar to find that they’d been withdrawn from the team, but took it calmly in their stride and were so kind to me in the worst moment of my captaincy – so far!!


Barbara Smyth


Report from Vice Captain Jackie Berry

When I wrote to all participants prior to the day and hoped for a day to enjoy Cleeve Cloud in all its glory I didn’t realise, having never played there before, just how glorious the views really were!  A sunny clear day greeted us on arrival and although the weather was much cooler than excepted and the wind stronger than many of us would have liked (more on that later).  The cooler weather was, however, more than compensated for by the warm welcome we all received from Barbara, the Cleeve Cloud members and staff and all Barbara’s willing helpers. 

Barbara and her helpers had everything wonderfully prepared, her husband Ray even having erected a gazebo at our refreshment stop, unfortunately, the wind became too strong so he then had to spend time taking it down but still managed a cheery welcome to all competitors, despite standing out in the chilly wind for a long time, encouraging us to partake in drinks and delicious cake prepared by the Cleeve Cloud ladies. 

Judging for the happy chatter both before and after the game all competitors seemed to have enjoyed their day greeting old friends and making new ones and we were all treated to a sumptuous buffet by the Cleeve Cloud caterers with an enormous variety of savoury and sweet offerings which were much appreciated by the incoming players.

As always Mike Mancktelow did a brilliant job, collating and displaying the results as they came in and making the whole prize giving a smooth and stress free experience.  Many thanks Mike and I am extremely grateful you have agreed to do it all again next year.

A list of winners is on the website but congratulations to you all for playing so well in such difficult conditions.

Finally many thanks to our Captain Barbara for organising such a wonderful, friendly day which was  enjoyed and appreciated by us all.



 NP's & LD'S


    Thanks Mike                                          Trophy winners            



   Bronze                                   Bronze Nett                                 Silver Nett 


'3  Days After The Summer Meeting Notice the limp flag!!' 



GLCGS Winners 2018.pdf


GLCGS V Oxfordshire 

Lilley Brook Golf Club -  Monday 21st May 2018

 Match report from Captain Barbara Smyth

The day of our first match of the 2018 season dawned bright and sunny.  What a difference a year makes – this match was cancelled last year due to torrential rain!  And what a difference a month makes – last month we were hacking round in a quagmire and now we have near perfect conditions! 

All ladies arrived smiling each looking forward to playing on such a lovely day. There was lots of chat around the tables as ladies got to know each other and renewed acquaintances.  Lilley Brook Golf Course was looking absolutely splendid in the spring sunshine and there were many positive remarks about the course from both home and away players.  I didn’t even hear any complaints about the big hill!  And the Oxfordshire captain thanked me for choosing such a beautiful course. 

Matches were closely fought, and as the captains waited for the last fourballs to arrive at the 18th green it was nip and tuck.  The final result was a win for Gloucestershire by 41/2 to 31/2. 

Many thanks go to Lilley Brook Golf Club for hosting us and to the catering team for a delicious meal.  Thank you to my wonderful team for being so friendly, helpful and appreciative, and of course for winning the match – regardless of individual results, we win as a team and we lose as a team.


Barbara Smyth



FILTON GOLF CLUB – 23/04/2018

The society Bowmaker was held at Filton this year.  In only its second year of existence, having been introduced in 2017 by Jane Barrett, there were 24 groups of 3.  Thanks go to the society members from clubs all over the county for supporting this event.

The brief spell of summery weather had unfortunately retreated, but it had dried up the course very nicely and we had a dry, if rather chilly, day for our outing.  The Filton ladies, led by Helen Briggs, were extremely well prepared and organised, taking charge of the registration and food orders.

Many of our ladies had played little golf in recent months due to the wintry wet weather, so there were lots of cries of ‘rubbish’, ‘what a disaster’ etc.  However, when they reached the end and saw similar scores they felt better!  We are much too hard on ourselves!!

Barbara would like to thank Jane Barrett for organising the day, the ladies from Filton for ensuring that everything ran smoothly, and all of the lovely ladies who supported the event and helped create a friendly atmosphere.



Bowmaker:                          1st  Andrea Dawson, Hazel Day, Veronica Courtney (Naunton Down) 73pts

                                             2nd  Maggie Jones, Lyn Georgiou, Janice Griffiths (The Kendleshire) 73pts

                                            3rd  Steph Hewitt, Liz Meiklejohn, Josie Pearce (Filton)  72 pts


Nearest the pin:                     4th           Diana Woodward (Tracy Park)

                                               8th           Chris Park (Cirencester)

                                              11th         Mary Brealey (Cotswold Edge)

                                              15th         Carol Weeks (Thornbury) 






GLCGS NEW CAPTAINS’ DAY - Monday 9th April 2018

The day dawned grey and miserable, like many before.  April 9th and hardly a blossom in sight!  We were hosted at the Brickhampton Glevum course where the incessant rain had made the course very wet underfoot and no trolleys were allowed.  As it was carrying only, we decided on a 3 clubs plus putter bowmaker and set off in five groups.  The GLCGS new captains and committee in their cheerful red tops certainly brightened the day and we managed to get in before the worst of the weather.

It was lovely to meet all the new members of the society and enjoy a day of friendly golf and chat and hopefully it was useful for the new captains to share ideas about the year ahead.

In a tight finish, the golf competition was won by Jane Barrett (Past Captain), Maggie McDivitt (Broadway) and Jo Pinchin (Puckrup Hall). 

The committee of the GLCGS wish all the new Gloucestershire lady captains a successful and enjoyable year.


Draft AGM Minutes 2017.pdf    AGM Agenda 2018 Hatherley Manor.pdf



 GLCGA Name Badge (Brooch) Order Form - UPDATED November 2017

The updated form to order your red GLCGA name badge is attached.  You can either order by post or online, and they are a relatively cheap one-off expense (£5.00 for one line, £5.30 for two if you want to add name of your golf club).  It is very helpful when members wear their name badge at our events.


The GLCGS crest badge is available to purchase at the Summer Meeting, Fun Away Day and AGM or by contacting the Secretary or Vice Captain at any time.    

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