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Day 5 vs Yorkshire:

Morning Foursomes:Becky Gibbs & Ebonie Lewis lost   3/2, Alex Giles & Claudia Ovens won 2 up and Bethan Popel & Alex Saunders won 1 up. Exciting stuff!

Singles: Alex Giles halved, Alex Saunders Halved, Bethan Popel won 3/2, Claudia Ovens lost 3/2, Becky Gibbs won 2 up and Ebonie Lewis lost 2/1

And Captain Andra was speechless at that winning moment! But here is what she and Coach Kirsty told England Golf!

Andra: " I can’t believe we’ve done it, I’m overwhelmed. What a team! They have gelled together all week and they just fought and fought and fought.”

Kirsty: “We are just a great team. We have worked together on team building and it’s taken a while to bring it all together but they all deserve this. This is a young team which is growing, it’s been a work in progress for a number of years, and how good will they be next year?"

A wonderful tournament and a magical, historic final day!

Congratulations Team Glos! .... Players, Management and Caddies!

You have made us all very proud!

Day 5 England Golf Press Release





Day 4 vs Staffordshire:

Morning Foursomes:Bethan Popel & Alex Saunders won 4/2, Alex Giles & Claudia Ovens won 5/4 and Ebonie Lewis & Charlie Hiatt won 4/3. Well played all! Congratulations!

Afternoon Singles: Bethan Popel won 6/4, Ebonie Lewis halved, Claudia Ovens won 1 up, Caley McGinty won 3/1, Ffion Tynan halved and Alex Giles won 3/1. Again ... Congratulations everyone!

From County Captain Andra: "It was good to see different foursomes pairings performing so well, proving that we have the depth to compete whatever the circumstances.

Once again the foursomes 3-0 win gave a great platform for the singles, and how magnificently the players responded, winning four matches and halving two.

We are excited still to be in contention for the final prize, and are all looking forward to tomorrow!"

Day 4 England Golf Press Release



Day 3 vs Surrey:

Morning Foursomes:Becky Gibbs & Ebonie Lewis won 6/4, Alex Giles & Claudia Ovens won 1 up and Bethan Popel & Alex Saunders won 5/3. Congratulations to you all .... And the Burgundy Brigade (now arriving!) is looking forward to this afternoon's singles!

Afternoon Singles: Bethan Popel won 5/3, Alex Giles won 1 up, Alex Saunders lost 5/3, Charlie Hiatt lost 2/1, Becky Gibbs won 3/2 and Ebonie Lewis won 3/1.

County Captain Andra was completely thrilled with today's result ... as was everyone!

"The morning foursomes win gave us a great platform for the singles. To consolidate that with taking the singles 4-2 was just fantastic"

Coach Kirsty added "There was some great golf played by both teams ... and the match was notable for its very friendly spirit."

Day 3 England Golf Press Release





Day 2 vs Norfolk:

Morning Foursomes: Bethan Popel & Alex Saunders won 2 up, Caley McGinty & Claudia Ovens lost 2 down and Becky Gibbs &  Ebonie Lewis won 6/5

Afternoon Singles:Becky Gibbs lost 4/3, Bethan Popel lost 2/1, Alex Giles won 4/3, Claudia Ovens halved, Alex Saunders lost 2/1 and Ebonie Lewis won 4/3

Captain Andra was very satisfied with an honourable half today.

"Norfolk staged an extremely strong singles attack! We defended well and a halved match is a fair reflection of the good golf and friendly rivalry displayed all day."

Coach Kirsty agreed totally!

Delighted to have Sheila Davidge, Dorset County Captain, supporting us today ... we are all SW!!

Day 2 England Golf Press Release


Day 1 vs Buckinghamshire:

Morning Foursomes:Bethan Popel & Alex Saunders halved, Claudia Ovens & Caley McGinty lost 5/4 and Becky Gibbs & Ebonie Lewis won 6/5

Afternoon singles: Ebonie Lewis halved, Becky Gibbs won 6/5, Alex Saunders won 2/1,Charlie Hiatt won 3/2, Claudia Ovens won 2 up and Bethan Popel won 5/4

An extremely satisfied County Captain Andra had this to say:" What a wonderful day! And those singles results were just amazing!

Caley and Claudia lost their foursomes -- yes -- but the score certainly doesn't indicate a lack of form. Both played very good golf, and were pleased with their performance. The Bucks pair just had the edge today!"

County coach, Kirsty Taylor, was equally happy! "A Good solid performance! What a great start to the tournament!"

Day 1 England Golf Press Release


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Our team for the Finals is as follows:

Becky Gibbs, Alex Giles, Charlie Hiatt, Ali Kelly, Ebonie Lewis, Caley McGinty, Claudia Ovens, Bethan Popel, Alex Saunders and Ffion Tynan.

The draw for the week is:


Waterlooville Golf Club
12-16 September

Monday 12 September
Match 1                            Buckinghamshire v Gloucestershire
Match 2                            Surrey v Norfolk
Match 3                            Yorkshire v Staffordshire

Tuesday 13 September
Match 1                            Surrey v Yorkshire
Match 2                            Gloucestershire v Norfolk
Match 3                            Staffordshire v Buckinghamshire

Wednesday 14 September
Match 1                            Norfolk v Staffordshire
Match 2                            Buckinghamshire v Yorkshire
Match 3                            Surrey v Gloucestershire

Thursday 15 September
Match 1                            Buckinghamshire v Surrey
Match 2                            Gloucestershire v Staffordshire
Match 3                            Yorkshire v Norfolk

Friday 16 September
Match 1                            Yorkshire v Gloucestershire
Match 2                            Staffordshire v Surrey
Match 3                            Norfolk v Buckinghamshire




Directions: Waterlooville GC is  situated just over a mile from Junction 3 of the A3(M)

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