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NB: Times are set out for clubs, so in alphabetical order of clubs, not in TIME order

Alexander Park

  11.34am  Denise Eagle Jan Hollingworth Penny Stevens
11.42am Lesley Colquhoun Val Bland Deb Hill
11.50am Steph Nixon Cath Dallimore Siobhan Hickie

Brickhampton Court

8.30am Alexis Hill Jean West Pauline Brown
8.38am Jackie Rendell Jan Knightley Margaret Beardsmore
8.46am Lizzie Claridge Jean Bailey Val Menzies
8.54am Jeanne Mills Suki Clark Von Kettle
9.02am Sue Boskett Viv Pitts Liz Finch

9.42am Irene Hawkes Louise Folkes Fran Andrews

Chipping Sodbury
10.14am Karen Neal Pauline Fletcher Linda Williams
10.22am Marilyn Slater Brenda St Paul Ann Edwards
10.30am Isabel Wright Jackie Berry Anne Clifford

11.58am Kath Burbage Mary Dobson Liz Kidman
12.06pm Jan Stephens Sue Bremner Jane Muncer
12.14pm Chris Park Jan Flynn Pam Mallinson

Cleeve Hill
1.02pm Judith Callaghan

Cotswold Edge
9.50am Julie Paulett Debbie Pringle Dorothy Chilton
9.58am Lynda Pearce Lyn Smart Tina Lewis
10.06am Mary Griffiths Viv Hibbard Gill Polley
10.46am Megan Mills Jane Barrett Elaine Wheeler
2.06pm Anne Crawley Ali Buncher Jax Emerson

Cotswold Hills
1.34pm Glenys Hughes Ruth Gwilliam Tina Howman
1.42pm Rita Gladwin Iris Brookbanks Julie Bridge
1.50pm Maureen Winrow Pam Ward Janet Little
1.58pm Frances Wood Pauline Wallace Sue Prout

1.02pm Julia Colling Gill Dunphy

1.10pm Yvonne Jorden Ann Wood Judith Elford
1.18pm Barbara Robertson Angela Wakeley Vikki Caulfield
1.26pm Hilary Barnes Janet Perrott Cheryl Sinnett

Minchinhampton Old
9.34am Gill Miles Sue Rosbotham Dawn Williams

Naunton Downs
12.22pm  Jane Stephenson Deborah Davis Pat Knight
12.30pm Sue Parkinson Penny Brazier Nicole Arkell

Rodway Hill
9.10am Rose Hook Di Hawkins Eileen Martin
9.18am  Carol Lane Sefton Hooton Amanda Chong
9.26am Hazel Blandford Maureen Paul Jean Mullins

10.38am Heather Bell Angela Windridge Angela Kane

Tewkesbury Park
12.54pm Angie Brassie Eileen Jones Linda Llewellyn

10.54am Kate Rowe Helen Kirby Jean Kendrick
11.02am Prue Taylour Jackie Pask Janet Turner
11.10am Fiona Ormerod Arlene Main Sue Slate
11.18am Judie Barton-Hill Lynne Rutter Jackie Jackson
11.26am Brenda Cochrane Gill Brooks Caroline Williams

Tracy Park
2.22pm  Ann Way Bobbie Woodley Wendy Messer
2.30pm Jackie McCarthy Kim Burchll Lin Wright

12.38pm Liz Carey Steph Hopes Jenny Griffiths
12.46pm Ann Dunn Sheena Robbins Sue Cole

Vets v committee match at forest of Dean

Wednesday 16th June 2021

Arranged 2 years ago, it was a relief and pleasure to actually arrive at Bells Golf and Country Club  and to find all arrangements were going to plan. We were made extremely welcome by the club and had a very pleasant day all round.

I apologise to the 24 ladies for not capturing the moment with photos (unless anyone has taken any) as by time checked everyone in and doublechecked the shots allowed time had flown. The ladies had responded to appeals for replacements at last minute and what a lovely group of smiling faces enjoyed their choice of baps and drinks before the game.

A beautiful day and the course was in great condition, although one hole was a bugbear, that number 10. NB If you visit the club in the future it will not be so daunting the pro assured me.

The shots allocated were all extremely close and the scores reflected this as 3 matches were decided on last hole. This year the team chosen by Megan from the vets just won 3 1/2 to 2 1/2.  

Thank you to all.

Sue Johns, Chair 

Vets match v Wiltshire at Ogbourne downs

Although we lost our match against Wiltshire at Ogbourne Downs 3-5, we all enjoyed the course and the hospitality. 

2 teams only lost on the 17th and 1 on the 18th.

We did not enjoy the violent hailstorm or the one flash of lightning and clap of thunder in the distance!

Megan Mills, Captain


On Thursday 13th May we held the Brockworth Salver at Chipping Sodbury GC.

As the Ladies got underway to a steady start with hope (for a dry day) in their hearts the rain began to fall at about 11.15 and by 12.45 the greens were flooding and the course was very wet underfoot. The rain was getting heavier and with no sign of it easing we were left with no choice but to abandon the Competition.

Of the 123 players setting out 27 did not even reach the 1st tee, about 30 completed 18 holes and the remainder were strewn across the course in various states of soaked to drowned !!

In spite of these horrible conditions there was a real atmosphere of gaiety and friendliness in the air – ladies were so pleased to be meeting friends and catching up on their news. We were able to meet and socially distance outside and in the marquee and the Chipping Sodbury catering Staff were marvellous – carrying hot drinks and plates of hot food through the rain to keep us warmed up.

The Committee will be meeting in June to decide what to do next and you will be kept informed.

Pat Righton 

County Vets Competition Secretary    

latest news for may

Letter to the reps for club information

Thank you to all of you who have updated your 2020 membership lists I look forward to receiving more as and when you have the opportunity to list any changes.

Subscriptions carried over to this year from 2020 are for members on the 2020 lists only. New and returning members subscriptions can be paid online by the 30 April 2021. New members subscriptions for those joining during the year can be paid online or included with a competition entry fee.

We are delighted with the response to the Brockworth Salver at Chipping Sodbury on 13th May. 129 entries. Pat has worked hard to ensure Covid Compliance and we are grateful to Ryan, Pauline and Chipping Sodbury for their support.

Megan will soon be in touch with team news for the match at Ogbourne Downs v Wiltshire on  17th May which is going ahead . There will be bacon rolls but no meal.  Megan would appreciate your match availability sheets asap so she can try to allocate teams fairly in 2021.

If any of your members are thinking of ordering new kit and let Sue Johns have the order by Sunday 2nd May we will do our best to have it at the Brockworth Salver on 13th.

Finally, the Millennium Trophy competition  18 and 9 hole played at home starts on Saturday 1st May.  We realise that we need to confirm that  as this is played alongside a club QC which will be off 95% handicap we should comply so there is no adjustment needed to cards. Vets scores too will be 95%.  Photo copies of cards are acceptable. Thanks for the notes from clubs who are not able to enter this year. This does help us!

Brockworth salver

Please check the following information if you have entered the brockworth Salver

1) Start Sheet

8.28 Yvonne West Chipping Sodbury
  Marilyn Slater  
  Denise Eland  
8.36 Ann Sedman  
  Anne Edwards  
  Andrea Moores  
8.44 Karen Neal  
  Philippa Lane  
  Linda Williams  
8.52 Ruth Flowers  
  Esme Mannering  
  Sue Williams  
9.00 Sue Rosbotham Minchinhampton Old
  Gill Miles  
  Dawn Williams  
9.08 Kate Rowe Thornbury
  Sue Slate  
  Fiona Ormerod  
9.16 Suzanna Unwin  
  Jo Chadwick  
  Lin Cocking  
9.24 Julie Paulett Cotswold Edge
  Dorothy Chilton  
  Debbie Pringle  
9.32 Lynda Pearce  
  Tina Lewis  
  Mel Lee

12.04 Pauline Smith  
  Wendy Burghess  
  Debbie Plane Brickhampton
       12.12 Sheila Smith-Justice Henbury
  Angela Wakeley  
  Hilary Mason  
12.2 Helen Grove  
  Joan Igglesden  
  Angie Sykes  
12.28 Empty  
12.36 Cheryl Sinnett  
  Janet Perrott  
  Hilary Barnes  
12.44 Ann Wood  
  Sandy Harrison  
  Jill Harris  
12.52 Sue Loder  
  Jan Schollar  
  Felicity Pine  
13.00 Jane Owen-Jones  
  Jackie Heaven  
  Sally Falconer-Hall  
13.08 Megan Mills Cotswold Edge
  Jaqui Emerson  
  Anne Crawley  

9.40 Sandra Rogers Stinchcombe Hill
  Anne Andrews  
  Pam Savage  
9.48 Sue Johns The Kendleshire
  Brenda Oxford  
  Sue Flower  
9.56 Liz Cary Westonbirt
  Jenny Griffiths  
  Steph Hopes  
10.04 Ann Sneyd  
  Rosie Jones  
  Sue Cole  
10.12 Brenda Taylor Cirencester
  Jane Brodick  
  Jayne Worthington  
10.20 Chris Park  
  Muriel Telling  
  Kay Fullerton  
10.28 Empty  
10.36 Kath Burbage Cirencester
  Liz Kidman  
  Jane Salter  
10.44 Sefton Hooton Rodway Hill
  Amanda Chong  
  Carol Lane  

13.16 Sue Trewin  
  Deanne Haynes  
  Gill Brimfield  
13.24 Christine Hunter Thornbury
  Sue Filtness  
  Judy Neves  
13.32 Carla Peters  
  Caroline Williams  
  Marian Fielding  
13.40 Chris Potter Naunton Downs
  Sharon Staples  
  Lindy Shurmer  
13.48 Barbara Watson  
  Sue Wood  
  Else Ogden  
13.56 Pam Sutcliffe  
  Jane Marsland  
  Judy Parry  
14.04 Bobbie Woodley Tracy Park
  Ann Way  
  Alison Bacon  
14.12 Jackie McCarthy  
  Lin Wright  
  Kim Birchill  
14.20 Diana Woodward  
  Jill Guest  
  Wendy Messer  

10.52 Beth Phillip Cotswold Hills
  Roberts Rastrick  (B)  
  Pauline Wallace  
11.00 Helen Crequer  
  Frances Wood  
  Sue Prout  
11.08 Barbara Smyth Cleeve Hill
  Rita New  
  Judith Callaghan  
11.16 Pauline Brown Brickhampton
  Alexis Hill  
  Val Menzies  
11.24 Gillian Ashton Naunton Downs
  Nicole Arkell  
  Andrea Dawson  
11.32 Rose Hook Rodway Hill
  Di Hawkins  
  Eileen Martin  
11.4 Lesley Colquhoun Alexander Park
  Val Bland  
  Jan Hollingworth  
11.48 Carol Brain Lydney
  Janie Thomas  
  Pat Morris  
11.56 Julie Morris Cotswold Hills
  Alison Shergold  
  Carol Weeks Thornbury

2) Rules and Organisation for the Day


Individual Stableford played in 3s using 95% of Course Handicap.  No raffle this year.
Arrive no more than 20 mins before your Tee Time.
Toilet Facilities in Clubhouse – toilet & hand wash ONLY.  NO CHANGING.
Social distancing at all times – masks to be worn in all indoor areas
Pro’s shop open – 2 people at a time.  Masks to be worn.
Putting Practice prior to playing – only 2 groups at a time on the putting green and maintain social distancing.
Meet by Pro’s shop to register
Please report any handicap changes asap.
Take scorecard from box and label from Organiser
DO NOT SWAP CARDS Decide between yourselves whose card you will be marking. You will mark another person’s card so attach label with her details & check that handicaps are correct. 
Record their scores and your own.
On completion of round check scores are correct & sign card as Marker.  The Player is not required to sign but must check all scores are correct.
Place the signed card in box.   (either by Pro’s Shop or in Marquee)
Competition results will be posted on Vets Website within a few days

Specific Rules out on the Course

All Course Furniture eg Penalty Area markers and Distance markers are classed as Immovable Obstructions
Bunkers – in a bunker you may ‘Mark, Lift and Place’ within 6” of your marker – you may NOT smooth the area into which you are going to place your ball.  After playing your shot please do your best to smooth the bunker.
Do not touch the flagstick.
Island between 12 and 13 is a No Play Zone within a Penalty Area. Drop under penalty of 1 shot where the ball last entered the red staked penalty area.
A ball MUST NOT be played off a black rubber crumb path.  Free relief, closest point not nearer the hole.

Food & Beverages

Refreshments will be available in the marquee and outdoors.  Payment by card only.
Type of food available – basket meals, sandwiches, cakes  tea/coffee
Please do not stay longer than one hour to make room for ladies following you.
Ladies who think that they will want to have food after their round please let Pat Righton know asap. (

Vets Rep Meeting will be held by Zoom on Monday 22nd March at 10am. Details and link to follow. 
Vets Rep  contact Eve if this presents a difficulty

Brockworth Salver on 13th May

 Chipping Sodbury is still able to host this event, at present as a Play and Go competition. Your rep has The new form, so please let her know if you wish to play asap as Pat  needs to know  by 13th April.  Single entries are acceptable.

The Millennium Stableford played at home clubs during May will go ahead. We will monitor and review in case an extension is needed.  When we meet on 22nd March  we will clarify how to work out the handicaps for this to ensure as level a playing field as we can get.

Watch for news 

Match v Wiltshire at Ogborne Down Monday 17th May  We are unsure if this will take place so please be patient

Information for events from June will be updated on 22nd March or as soon as we can.

New members -Are you 6o0 or celebrating 60 this year? 

Interested in joining us then please contact your club rep. Subscription is only £1 a year. Opportunities to play matches against other counties  or play competitions at your own club  and away .  Gives you the opportunity of contending against similar ages.


Sorting out your golf gear ready for play due to start soon.... Hooray!!!

Look on the kit page for more details. Sue Johns keeps a sample of each item in the various sizes, but will need to order for you, so please contact her, details  on website under committee and kit.

We are looking forward to seeing you in person at some time this year, stay safe! 

 Hopefully you will all have had your 2nd vaccination by the end of May and things will be moving forward.

AGM and Accounts

  The Vets committee has agreed not to hold the AGM at Cotswold Edge on November 2nd 2020.

Instead Treasurer, Yvonne, will have the accounts checked and we will forward them to Reps to ratify in the autumn.

As you know the 2020 sub will be carried over to 2021.

The Committee has agreed to continue in office for 2021 but we do have a vacancy for a new  committee member to be coopted for 2021 and to be prepared to hold a position from November 2021.

We also urgently need a Vice Captain for 2021 so please can you  suggest some possible nominations by contacting me in the  first instance. 

We will begin 2021 with the Vets Reps Meeting at Cotswold Edge on Monday 9th February when we can catch up on 2020 and launch into 2021.

It has been an extraordinary year for everyone  so we hope these arrangements are acceptable to you all and we look forward to 2021 with optimism. .


Thank you to all the vets, who attended the AGM despite many having horrendous journeys due to flooding and various road closures.

The meeting went very smoothly and it is good that several ladies are asking questions about the vacancies on the committee. Any of the committee would welcome contact to give more information.

Below is a photo of the trophy winners who were present. Unfortunately the other photos were a failure (sorry ladies). If you have photos of prize winners from your club, do feel free to send them to Sue Johns for inclusion.

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