Gloucestershire Ladies' County Golf Association




South West Foursomes 2023 - Long Ashton GC Thursday 28th September 2023
Autumn Bowmaker 2023 - Chipping Sodbury GC Tuesday 19th September 2023
GGG #5 Stableford: Gloucester GC Sunday 10th September 2023
South West Gross Team Champs Wednesday 23rd August 2023
The Kitcat Cup 2023 - Forest Hills GC Tuesday 22nd August 2023
Gross Team Champs -Overall Scoring Tuesday 25th July 2023
Nett Team Champs 2023 Scores Tuesday 18th July 2023
Nett Team Overlay Puckrup 2023 Tuesday 18th July 2023
GGG #3 Stableford: Broadway GC Sunday 18th June 2023
GGG #2 Stableford: Henbury GC Sunday 21st May 2023
Bronze Team 2023 Wednesday 17th May 2023
Bronze Team Champs 2023 Scores Wednesday 17th May 2023
County Championships Knockout 2023 Saturday 29th April 2023


Wessex Salver: Gloucester GC Sunday 16th October 2022
GGG #5 Stableford: Minchinhampton GC Sunday 18th September 2022
Lady Marling Stableford Competition 2022 Wednesday 7th September 2022
The Kitcat Cup 2022 - Henbury GC Thursday 25th August 2022
Gross Team Champs IG Wednesday 17th August 2022
IG Testing For Overlay Friday 29th July 2022
Australian Spoons SW Region Wednesday 29th June 2022
Bronze Team Scores 2022 Thursday 19th May 2022
Bronze Team Thursday 19th May 2022
GGG #1 Stableford: Ross-on-Wye GC Thursday 21st April 2022


Autumn Bowmaker 2021 - The Bristol GC Thursday 23rd September 2021
SOUTH WEST Seniors Gross Team Championship Tuesday 21st September 2021
SW Seniors team results Tuesday 21st September 2021
GGG #5 Stableford: Chipping Sodbury GC Sunday 12th September 2021
Lady Marling Stableford Competition Monday 6th September 2021
The Kitcat Cup 2021 - Minchinhampton GC Wednesday 25th August 2021
Bronze Team Champs. 2021 Tuesday 18th May 2021


County Greensomes Final 2020 Thursday 15th October 2020
SOUTH WEST Seniors Gross Team Championship Tuesday 22nd September 2020
The Kitcat Cup Thursday 17th September 2020
GGG #5 Stableford: Knowle GC Sunday 6th September 2020
Lady Marling/Coronation Medals & S'Ford Wednesday 2nd September 2020
Lady Marling Stableford Competition Wednesday 2nd September 2020
Seniors' Championships Thursday 27th August 2020
Gross Team Championship CANCELLED Tuesday 18th August 2020
Summer Texas Scramble CANCELLED Friday 7th August 2020
Nett Team Championships CANCELLED Thursday 23rd July 2020
Spring Bowmaker 2020 CANCELLED Tuesday 12th May 2020

2019 - Competitions Results

County Greensomes Final Thursday 17th October 2019
County Foursomes Final 2019 Sunday 6th October 2019
Autumn Bowmaker Monday 23rd September 2019
The Kitcat Cup Wednesday 18th September 2019
Lady Marling/Coronation Medal Trophies Tuesday 3rd September 2019
GROSS TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Thursday 22nd August 2019
Summer Texas Scramble Wednesday 7th August 2019
Nett Team Championships Thursday 25th July 2019
Seniors' Championships Sunday 14th July 2019
GGG County Championship Sunday 14th July 2019
Fraser Foursomes 2019 Thursday 11th July 2019
Bronze Team Championships Friday 24th May 2019
Spring Bowmaker Tuesday 7th May 2019
County Championships Knockout Saturday 4th May 2019
Test WW 2019 Wednesday 1st May 2019

Results for this year will show when competitions have been played.

2018 - Competitions Results

County Greensomes Final Thursday 18th October 2018
Autumn Bowmaker Monday 1st October 2018
SW Bowmaker Friday 28th September 2018
The Kitcat Cup Friday 21st September 2018
Lady Marling Cups Friday 7th September 2018
Gross Team Championship Wednesday 22nd August 2018
SW Buchanan Trophy Wednesday 15th August 2018
Summer Texas Scramble Thursday 9th August 2018
Nett Team Championships Wednesday 25th July 2018
Fraser Foursomes (Round One) Thursday 12th July 2018
Fraser Foursomes (Round Two) Thursday 12th July 2018
GGG County Championship Sunday 8th July 2018
Western Daily Press Cup Thursday 14th June 2018
Bronze Team Championships Thursday 24th May 2018
Spring Bowmaker Tuesday 8th May 2018
County Championships Knockout Saturday 5th May 2018
County Championships Round One Friday 4th May 2018

2017 - Competitions Results

SW Foursomes Medal Thursday 5th October 2017
SW Foursomes Stableford Thursday 5th October 2017
County Greensomes Final Monday 2nd October 2017
Autumn Bowmaker Thursday 28th September 2017
Lady Marling Cups Wednesday 20th September 2017
The Kitcat Cup Thursday 14th September 2017
Gross Team Championship Thursday 17th August 2017
Nett Team Championships Friday 4th August 2017
GGG County Championship Sunday 9th July 2017
Coronation Medals Tuesday 27th June 2017
Western Daily Press Cup Tuesday 13th June 2017
Bronze Team Championships Wednesday 24th May 2017
Spring Bowmaker Wednesday 10th May 2017
County Championships Knockout Saturday 29th April 2017
County Championships Round One Friday 28th April 2017

2016 - Competition Results

Autumn Bowmaker Wednesday 5th October 2016
County Greensomes Final Wednesday 28th September 2016
Lady Marling Cups Tuesday 20th September 2016
The Kitcat Cup Tuesday 6th September 2016
Gross Team Championship Tuesday 16th August 2016
Nett Team Championships Thursday 4th August 2016
Fraser Foursomes (Round One) Thursday 14th July 2016
Fraser Foursomes (Round Two) Thursday 14th July 2016
GGG County Championship Sunday 10th July 2016
Partnership Ladies' Challenge Bowl Wednesday 6th July 2016
Coronation Medals Tuesday 28th June 2016
Western Daily Press Cup Thursday 9th June 2016
Bronze Team Championships Tuesday 24th May 2016
Spring Bowmaker Tuesday 10th May 2016

2015 - Competition Results

County Greensomes Final Wednesday 14th October 2015
Autumn Bowmaker Wednesday 7th October 2015
Lady Marling Cups Wednesday 23rd September 2015
GGG Stableford #5: Long Ashton 0-36 HC Sunday 20th September 2015
GGG Stableford #5: Long Ashton 37-54 HC Sunday 20th September 2015
The Kitcat Cup Tuesday 8th September 2015
Gross Team Championship Monday 17th August 2015
Nett Team Championships Wednesday 5th August 2015
Fraser Foursomes (Round One) Thursday 16th July 2015
Fraser Foursomes (Round Two) Thursday 16th July 2015
GGG County Championship Sunday 12th July 2015
Coronation Medals Thursday 2nd July 2015
Western Daily Press Cup Monday 8th June 2015
Bronze Team Championships Friday 29th May 2015
Spring Bowmaker Tuesday 12th May 2015
County Championships Round One Friday 1st May 2015
County Championships Round Two Friday 1st May 2015
Greensomes Finals Wednesday 22nd April 2015

2014 - Competition Results

Autumn Bowmaker Friday 3rd October 2014
Lady Marling Cups Thursday 25th September 2014
GGG Stableford Cirencester 0-36 HC Sunday 14th September 2014
GGG Stableford Cirencester 37-54 HC Sunday 14th September 2014
The Kitcat Cup Monday 8th September 2014
Gross Team Championship Tuesday 19th August 2014
Nett Team Championships Thursday 7th August 2014
GGG Stableford Chipping Sodbury Sunday 20th July 2014
Juniors' Championships Sunday 6th July 2014
Intermediates' Championships Sunday 6th July 2014
Seniors' Championships Sunday 6th July 2014
Coronation Medals Thursday 26th June 2014
Western Daily Press Cup Wednesday 11th June 2014
GGG Stableford 37-54 h/cap Sunday 8th June 2014
GGG Stableford up to 36 h/cap Sunday 8th June 2014
Bronze Team Championships Tuesday 27th May 2014
GGG Stableford Cotswold Edge Sunday 18th May 2014
Spring Bowmaker Wednesday 14th May 2014
County Championships Round One Friday 2nd May 2014
County Championships Round Two Friday 2nd May 2014
GGG Stableford Thornbury up to 36 Sunday 27th April 2014

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