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GLCGA Seniors Match vs GGU Senior Men  at Lilleybrook GC on Wednesday 3rd April

A very wet April saw the beginning of our Seniors season with a match at Lilley Brook with the Gloucester Golf Union Seniors.  Captain Nick and his men were keen and announced that though swampy the course was playable … but at least 12 holes would be on shared mats.   At least the rain held off. 

I accepted an extra shot for us all to compensate for the mats but this transpired to be nowhere near enough to even things up, even for our lowest handicap pairings.  Our only win was from Susan and Fay where Tim and Nigel had taken pity on them early on and given them even more shots - which in the end they didn’t need!   The rest of us who did need them stuck to our negotiated rules and paid the price with the men’s length and carry enhanced by Lilley Brook’s elevations in the wet conditions.

Despite these frustrations we all had a great time within our groups.  As mentioned, Susan and Fay were really on form and dovetailed beautifully, with Fay adding to the feast with a fantastic birdie on the 13th which took the lefthand slope and slid obediently into the hole - much male outrage on that one!  Matching female outrage occurred when Karen and Ruth, still looking good at 1 down on the 17th, were pipped by a superb chip-in from Mike.

Many thanks to Captain Nick and the greens staff for their hard work, and to the catering staff for a generous match tea.  As always we are indebted to GGU Secretary Dean for arranging the match for us - but I hope to persuade them to come away from Lilley Brook next year!  

Match result : 1 -5 

Nick Barwood & Steve Yorke won 3&2 against Mary Mayes & Liz Sandilands

Brian Mitten & Mike Jarvis won 2&1 against Kare nRix & Ruth Hughes

Nigel Gravelle & Tim Clink lost 3&2 against Susan Ellis and Fay Austen

Richard Wood & Andy Wright won 3&1 against Alison Kelly and Wendy Bond 

Nick Morris & Steve Prosser won 4&2 against Frances Lindley & Mai Bamford



2023 Results

Gloucestershire County Seniors v Devon County Seniors - Minchinhampton Golf Club - Thursday 5th October 2023 - 1pm on the Cherington Course

Singles matches :

Jane Rees won 5&4 vs  Gilly Jarvis

Mary Mayes lost 3&1 vs Amanda Burchell

Emma Brereton lost 3&1 vs Vicky Holloway

Alison Kelly won 4&2 vs Sarah Hoff

Foursomes matches :


Karen Rix & Paula Crabtree lost 3&1 vs Frances Harbron & Sally Underwood

Ruth Hughes & Corrinne Durber lost 2 dn vs Amanda Leonard & Helen Chivers

Jo Francis-Pope & Olwen Simpson won 4&2 vs  Marcia Collett & Kate Field

Match Result:     Devon 4-3        

Vicky and her team arrived in good time for a quick lunch before the off and would set off home after our end-of-match meal, so a long day for them.  Luckily the day was fine though overcast and both teams were keen to get out onto the Cherington Course - with everyone aware that the greens were still a bit tender after the recent session of course maintenance.   With the fairways in great condition and the rough having been cut the Cherington looked quite benign but it soon became clear that this was deceptive and you definitely needed to stay on the short stuff!

The Captains had agreed to trial a format similar to County Finals instead of the traditional foursomes.  Both teams were very happy with the choice of singles or foursomes and though Vicky did not divulge her players’ Clubs or handicaps, it seemed the teams were pretty similar in make-up.

Jane was already up by 3 on Gilly by the 9th and forged ahead to clinch her match on the 14th.  Mary reported all square on the 9th with both 1 under, but Amanda pulled away on the back to seal her victory on the 17th.   Emma was 1 down at the turn then 2 down to Vicky’s amazing eagle on the 14th, valiantly held on but fell at the 17th.  Alison was 3 up going down the 10th, and continued her dominance to claim her victory on the16th.  Karen and Paula had a brave ding dong match with Frances and Sally but couldn’t improve on 1 down until they finally succumbed on the 17th.  Ruth and Corrinne also had a dogfight with Amanda and Helen, getting back to all square on the 10th and fighting hard to be 1 down on the 18th tee, but couldn’t stem the flow and Devon took the honours there.  Our valiant last pair turned at 1 down, got it to all square with a great birdie from Olwen, made it to dormie 3 by the 15th and claimed victory on the 16th.  A well-deserved win for Devon and at least we sent them home happy!  

Well done all - with thanks to our Gloucestershire team for putting up a great fight and special appreciation to Tom Sheffield for rearranging the event.  Devon’s enthusiasm and willingness to travel is refreshing and many thanks to Vicky for suggesting the match to keep the SW Seniors flag flying after the abandonment of our SW 6 Counties 3-Day Matchplay.  We will do our best to get our 3-day Matchplay going again in 2024, but a rematch with Devon will go ahead if not.

Frances Lindley & Caroline Shepherd


Seniors Armada Salver Competition at Stinchcombe Hill GC - Wednesday 26th July 

GLCGA Seniors is for anyone who enjoys scratch team play and the Armada Foursomes & Lunch is our social day when all past and present players are encouraged to join in and have fun together.    

This year there were 12 current and past members playing and Caroline and I were delighted that ex-County team member Olive French was able to join us for the lunch.  The weather was perfect for golf, sunny but with a light breeze to keep it fresh - and the course was in splendid condition, with lush fairways contrasting with the russet colours of the rough.

However, the seemingly benign and wide fairways lured us all into a false sense of security as it was playing long yet still possible to roll into the very thick rough.  The greens were far more complicated than they looked - I suspect the lush conditions were giving a bit of grain to the greens in addition to their normal subtle borrows.  We were all fooled at some point with many lip-outs reported and all the scores were a bit lower than usual for the summer season.

Worthy winners of the 2023 Armada Salvers with 33 points were Susan Ellis from Bristol & Clifton, ably defending last year’s success with this year’s partner Andra Knight from Cotswold Hills.  The Runners-Up with 32 points were the well-honed partnership of Ann Manley and Pat Skelton, both from Henbury.

Olive welcomed us on our return to the clubhouse and we all repaired to the dining room for a delicious light lunch and the chance to chat over old times and new, followed by the prize-giving.  As always Stinchcombe proved a delightful and well-organised venue and we look forward to meeting up again next year.

The date for your diary is:

ARMADA FOURSOMES & LUNCH on Wednesday 24th July 2024

All Senior team players welcome - first come first served up to 32 places

Frances Lindley

Co-Captain GLCGA Seniors

GLCGA Seniors Match vs Worcesterdshire & Herefordshire Seniors  at Cloebury Mortimer  GC on Wednesday 28th June  

Our annual Scratch Greensomes match vs Worcestershire & Herefordshire was played this year at Cleobury Mortimer Golf Club in the lush and hilly countryside of the Shropshire borders. We were made very welcome by Vets Captain Sally Smith, the local lady players and the staff, and had a fine though overcast day with only a shower or two towards the end of play.

For the Gloucestershire side it was a voyage of discovery as none of us knew the course, and for the W & H side it was a case of remembering which 9 they had played before - if ever.  With many uphill and blind holes, a dramatic drop par 3, and peppered with ponds and ditches, the course was no pushover and all enjoyed the challenge.  We played Foxes Run and Badgers Sett:  two very different nines with plenty of variety of holes in length and topography.  Birdies were often in prospect but the greens were full of subtle borrows and getting up and down was key.  

Glos Captain Caroline had decided to keep the pairings close in handicap while W & H Captain Sally fielded high-low pairings, so although there was little difference in each team’s handicap range, it seemed that the back-up strategy won the day for Glos with a 4-1 win.  Lots of hindsight in the chat over sandwiches and cake afterwards and some of us may well be back to have another go - definitely worth a visit.

Frances Lindley & Caroline Shepherd

Glos Co-Captains 2023

Match Result - 4-1 to GLCGA Seniors

Jane Rees & Mary Mayes (Minchinhampton) won 3&2 vs Kim Pickering (Stourbridge)  & Janice Kerr (Redditch)

Caroline Shepherd & Frances Lindley (Minchinhampton) lost 2 dn vs Denise Codrington (The Worcestershire)  &    Jackie Marks (The Worcestershire)      

Ruth Hughes (Thornbury) & Susan Ellis (Bristol & Clifton) won 3&1 vs  Karen Darby (The Herefordshire)  &  Jo Hawes (The Herefordshire)

Fay Austen (Chipping Sodbury) & Olwen Simpson (The Bristol) won 1up vs Jen White (Cleobury Mortimer) & Louise Wilding (The Worcestershire)         

Corrinne Durber (Minchinhampton) & Karen Rix (Bristol & Clifton) won 2up vs  Sally Smith (Vale Golf & Country) & Shona Rollins (Worcester Golf & Country)       

GLCGA Seniors Match vs GGU Senior Men  at Lilleybrook GC on Wednesday 5th April

The Ladies first match of the season took place at Lilleybrook GC against the County Senior Men. Unfortunately there was a bit of confusion on the start time, so the ladies arrived late and had to rush to the 1st tee with no warm up. However they all coped admirably. The course was wet & muddy which made it play much longer and gave a distinct advantage to the men! All matches were played in good humour and in serveral matches the men were very generous with some gimmies!  However 4 matches still didn't go our way. 

Well done to Karen and Vicky who managed to halve their match and also thank you to Fay for sending in a match report .

Match result : 0.5 -4.5  

Ali Kelly, Cirencester GC & Mary Mays, Minchinhampton GC lost 6&5 to Steve Yorke, Shirehampton Park GC & Phil Sutton, Broadway GC 

Corrinne Durber , Minchinhampton GC & Liz Sandilands , Minchinhampton GC lost 4&2 to Nick Barwood, Knowle GC & Rich Wood, Long Ashton GC

Karen Rix, Bristol & Clifton GC & Vicky Watkins, Broadway GC halved with Tim Clink, Lilley Brook GC & Andy Wright, Long Ashton GC 

Wendy Bond, Minchinhampton GC & Fay Austen, Chipping Sodbury GC lost 3&2 to Mike Jarvis, Thornbury Golf Club GC & Brian Mitten, Lilley Brook GC

Jane Rees, Minchinhampton GC & Linda Carruthers, Broadway GC lost 2&1 to Vernon Chappell, Cotswold Edge GC & Nick Morris, Lilley Brook GC

2022 Results:

Seniors Armada Salver Competition at Stinchcombe Hill GC on Monday 20th June 

Although a more select company than originally expected, with only eight playing and a total of ten of us for the lunch, a wonderful day was had by all.  The weather was balmy and sunny and the course was in perfect condition with the grasses swaying seductively in the sunshine.

Susan Ellis from Bristol & Clifton and Fiona Smith from Cotswold Hills stormed the course with a fantastic 37 points to win the Armada Salvers for this year, with Mary Mayes and Caroline Shepherd both from Minchinhampton the Runners Up with 30 points.  Everyone found the putting tricky on the subtle greens - and if you found the rough the tall grasses made recovery very difficult - but all enjoyed their three-hour circuit of Stinchcombe’s lovely layout.

The golf was followed by a delicious light lunch and the announcement of the winners.  Many thanks to Gail and Paul and their staff for their warm welcome.  Hopefully, with Covid finally behind us, we will have a full field for 2023 - the date for your diary is:

ARMADA FOURSOMES & LUNCH on Wednesday 26th July 2023

Frances Lindley

Co-Captain GLCGA Seniors

GLCGA Seniors (Old Spots!) vs the 2nd team / Juniors at Lydney GC - Sunday 15th May 

Match Result - Seniors 3-1

Alison Kelly (Cirencester)  & Jo Blackmore (Lansdown) won 2&1 vs Kirsten Westgate (Forest Hills) & Liz Robbins (The Kendleshire)

Fay Austen (Chipping Sodbury) & Kerry Brimfield (Brickhampton Court) won 1up vs Mainisha Lawrence (Brickhampton Court) & Gabby Haynes (Knowle) 

Becky Putnam (Minchinhampton) & Tracey Millington (Brickhampton Court) lost 2 down to Sophie Dodds (Cotswold Hills) & Millie Gait (Knowle)

Mai Bamford (South Herefordshire) & Frances Lindley (Minchinhampton) won 3&1 vs Sam Round (Cotswold Hills) & Neve Jeffery (Knowle)

On our third year of trying our inaugural match with the 2nd Team and Juniors at Lydney Golf Club finally took place.  A special welcome to Jo, Fay, Kerry, Becky, Tracey and Mai who were playing for the Glos Seniors for the first time - and I hope will be joining in on many future occasions.  Our promised sunny day devolved into overcast with showers, but nothing was able to dampen the troops’ enthusiasm for getting out there and playing the game.

Captains Sam and Frances opted for handicap foursomes to balance up the teams, thus Sam’s team had a few shots to give while the Seniors knew they were facing single-figure handicaps and had to make the most of their chances.  The Lydney lay-out was new to most of the players so - advantage the course!  All the matches were hard fought right to the end of the course and the final result of 3-1 to the Seniors was largely the result of staying down the middle to avoid Lydney’s many trees and ditches, and then chipping close to make the putt on the tricky sloping greens.

We all enjoyed the course and the generous tea provided by Teresa and the cheerful bar staff, and thank Lydney Golf Club for sticking with us through the Covid years.  Many thanks to my team for playing - and winning - and also to County Captain Sandra and our spectators for their support.

Frances Lindley - Captain


GLGGA Seniors vs GGU Seniors at Lilleybrook Golf Club - Thursday 14th April 

The Old Spots dusted off their clubs for the first match of the season in the annual friandly match against the GGU Seniors. 

We had a lovely day at Lilley Brook, it was perfect golfing weather and we even got to sit out on the patio at the end of the match. The WHS mixed tee calculator was used to work out the shot situation in our 4BBB format and despite getting some good shots we were not quite up to the strength of the senior men on this occasion.  Something they felt was only justified having been roundly beaten by us last year at Knowle! 

It was great to see some new faces playing and congratulations to Wendy Bond and Mary Mayes from Minchinhampton for bringing home our only point. Corrinne Durber from Cotswold Edge and Ruth Hughes from Thornbury also put up a great fight halving their match. The overall result being a win for the Old Boys 3½ to 1½.

As usual the match was played in great spirit and both sides enjoyed the company and the banter and we certainly look forward to the rematch next year. Our thanks go to Lilley Brook for agreeing to host the match and the catering staff who provided an excellent tea after the match. 

Karen Rix - Acting Captain on the day


Seniors Amarda Salver Competition at Stinchcombe Hill GC - Wednesday 21st July 2021 

Winners - Ruth Hughes, Thornbury GC & Jan Pickersgill, Henbury GC 

Despite the vagaries of Covid and the projected searing heat, fourteen intrepid Gloucestershire Seniors celebrated ‘Freedom Golf’ for our yearly fun foursomes and lunch at Stinchcombe Hill Golf Club. As always at Stinchcombe it was a breeze: literally as we were blessed with a delicious cool zephyr so we could enjoy our round; and figuratively as Gail Bidder had everything so well organised our day went without a hitch.

This lovely photo above shows Jan Pickersgill (Henbury) and Ruth Hughes (Thornbury), this year’s winners with 36 points. Karen Rix (Bristol & Clifton) and Linda Lee (Minchinhampton) claimed second prize with 35 points, on count- back from Olive French (Stinchcombe) and Frances Lindley (Minchinhampton).

Aside from a dodgy moment when Elaine Smith launched a spectacular drive just as a car hoved into view, phew!, everyone made it round without incident and in the allotted 3 hours. Thus we had time before lunch to laze under the umbrellas with iced drinks - reconnecting with past regulars and getting acquainted with our newer members.

It was sad that in the end we only had half the field of 28 that Stinchcombe had felt they could cope with, but understandable given the uncertainties of the year. However, now that we are ‘open’ so that more low handicap senior ladies (50+) can join in, Caroline and I are hoping that next year we can take up all the 36 places that have been offered.

The Armada Foursomes 2022 will take place on either the 20th or the 21st of July (tbc) so come on - put it in your diaries now and we look forward to welcoming as many of you as possible next year!

Frances Lindley and Caroline Shepherd Co-Captains

  GLCGA Seniors v GGU Seniors at Knowle Golf Club - Thursday 15th April 2021

1.30pm Jane Rees & Linda Carruthers 5&4 Brian Mitten & Darryl Wheeler
1.38pm Alison Kelly & Emma Brereton
Steve Yorke & Vernon Chappel 2&1
1.46pm Karen Rix & Paula Crabtree 1up Rich Wood & John Wright
1.54pm Jan Pickersgill & Corrinne Durber 1up Bob Broad & Nick Morris
2.02 Wendy Bond & Caroline Shepherd A/S Steve Prosser & Phil Graham A/S

Match Result -           Won    3 1/2 - 1 1/2

  Our season opener was a very friendly but well-contested match at Knowle versus the County senior men.  Captain Nick Morris had requested a 4 Ball after such a long lay-off during the Covid lockdown, and we happily agreed if we could play handicap as we can never field as many very low players as they do.  There was a bit of shock at the mandatory shots for the ladies for the difference in standard scratch but it was all agreed so off they went to the 1st tee.

  I caught up with the first match on the uphill 4th just in time to witness Jane chipping to a tap-in par … and then Linda chipping in for a birdie 3!  Brian and Darryl were already looking a bit desperate and it was clear that Jane was on form and Linda was a wild card on her current handicap.  Another highlight on the 4th was Wendy’s long putt from the back of the green to clinch a par. 

  Knowle is a hilly course and hard to get to grips with unless you have distance, high carry and accurate approaches which our team demonstrated in abundance.  Most of the matches were real dogfights on handicap and the result was a testament to their grit and  determination as the men know the course very well. 

  The lovely takeaway cafe on the clubhouse patio provided much needed refreshments and the chance for a bit of much-missed socialising - albeit only in our separate groups. Sadly no photos this time due to Covid rules precluding getting up close and personal.

  Frances Lindley


Gloucestershire Senior Ladies' Golfing Society GSLGS

The Seniors Section is for players over 50 who are interested in scratch matchplay in Medal, Foursomes and Greensomes formats.  Originally created for 1st and 2nd team ex-county players for the SW Inter-County Tournament, the Section is now open to any member of a GLCGA affiliated club over 50 who is keen to continue playing scratch team golf - selection to be made on handicap and availability.

1. Match vs. County Senior Men   - Cirencester Golf Club - Friday 31st May 2019

"A reversal of fortunes this year as we agreed to have a change of format and play a 4bbb stableford match play game. The weather was kind to us, albeit a bit overcast and slightly muggy, and it wasn’t until we were consoling ourselves with an after match drink that the sun finally came out. Nevertheless it was a very enjoyable match played in good sprits with a lot of keen banter. Bizarrely it was their ‘slightly ineligible’ ringer in Tim Clink partnered with Malcolm Lewis that gave us our only victory!

Next year we hope to have this fixture a bit earlier in the season so that it gives us a good pre-season warm-up rather than being in the middle of the year when it tends to clash with other fixtures. It remains to be seen whether we keep the same format though!

My thanks go to all the players for putting up a good fight and to Cirencester Golf Club for being such good hosts and allowing us courtesy of the course which was in fine condition and a credit to the greens team. I can certainly recommend the profiteroles!"


Ali Kelly & Jane Rees                                         Lost     Bob Broad & Vem Chappell        4&3

Su Worthington & Pam Tozer           4&3      Won    Tim Clink & Malcom Lewis                

Lousie Church & Paula Crabtree                   Lost   Hugh Purvis & Carl Glyde              5&4

Corrinne Durber & Karen Rix                            Lost Steve Prosser & Steve Pope        4&3

Frances Lindley & Carolien Shepherd       Lost Rob Stephens & Phil Graham      5&4

Karen Rix


The annual friendly get-together for a one day foursome stableford (hi/lo combination) event for all those interested, regardless of handicap -  A great opportunity to reminisce and catch up with old friends!

A small but perfectly formed group of ex-County Senior Ladies got together at Stinchcombe Hill GC today to play the annual friendly hi-lo foursomes for the Armada Dishes, presented by Val Sprott.  (Loving that pose Glo!) 

Ann Manley from Henbury GC and Marion Jackson from Bristol & Clifton GC were the winners with 34 points followed closely by Alison Hooper from Henbury GC and Frances Lindley from Minchinhampton GC on 33 points. We were unfortunately missing several players through injury and fears over the hot weather but I have to say the Club looked after us extremely well and our early start at 9.30 and quick round in just under 3 hours meant that we were in and admiring the lovely weather from the very nice shade of the bar before it got too hot! Not bad for a bunch of oldies! 

Karen Rix 
Seniors Captain - 24/7/19 

3. Match vs. Worcestershire & herefordshire Seniors - at Ross-On-Wye Golf Club - 5th August 2019


                                    Team Gloucestershire                                                                           Team Worcestershire & Herefordshire 

This was our first ever ‘Seniors’ fixture against Worcestershire & Herefordshire and it was a really pleasant surprise for me as Seniors Captain to find out that my opposition Captain had also been my opposition 1st team Captain back in 2011/12. So, it was only fitting that we played together and did a lot of catching up. 

As we had all travelled a long way we felt it better to opt for a Greensomes format but taking a minimum of 6 drives each so we all got more of a game. Ross was in lovely condition and the weather was just right so it was a perfect day for our first encounter.

The first pairing of Corrrine and Caroline were up against their best pair with Denise being a home player and the local knowledge paid off as they were victorious 3&1. 

Paula and Emma had a closely fought match coming home winners 2&1 and Andra and Ali fought all the way to the last halving their match. Ann and Louise and Jan and I both managed good wins on the 16th, cleverly avoiding the trek up the last hill on the 17th. 

Mine and Jan’s match in particular had a major highlight on the 7th as 2 very close tee shots from us (which would have got at least one 2!) was trumped by Angie Taylor’s hole in one. A big thank you goes to their Lady President who organised a glass of celebratory fizz for us all after the match. 

All in all, it proved a very interesting and enjoyable day as we now understand how vets/seniors work in the Midlands areas and our fixture for next year has already been booked for Sunday, 5th July at the Herefordshire where I am sure next year the H&W ladies will be up for revenge! 

Interestingly their matches are normally 8 pairs a side so I will be needing more players next year so all you over 50’s who fancy playing scratch matchplay please let me know! 

Karen Rix 
Seniors Captain - 6/8/19

4 . South West County Three Day Event  - at Torquay Golf club on 30th September/1st/2nd October

A round robin event against the other South West Counties with 3 scratch foursomes matches played morning and afternoon on the Monday and Tuesday and finishing with the last match on Wednesday morning, followed by a trophy presentation.

I will do my best to contact by email all those that are eligible, to ask for availability at the start of the golfing season. If you feel I have missed anyone off the list please feel free to contact me on : or 07831 895284.

Kind regards

Karen Rix

GLCGA Seniors Captain 

  Seniors 6 Counties at Torquay Golf Club

Unfortunately the Seniors or Elderberries as some like to call us did not fair as well as the girls at Delamere. Devon were hosting the tournament at Torquay Golf Club and a more friendly welcome we could not have wished for. The weather was biblical in parts but we managed to complete which was a miracle and we were all impressed with condition of the course and how it held up in view of the amount of rain that fell. I think the gale force winds at other times helped!
Our first match was against current holders of the ‘baffie’ for the previous 2 years, Dorset, which we narrowly lost 2-1, with one match going down the 18th. We then won against Devon, with another match going down the 18th. We then finally lost out to Wiltshire with 2 matches going down the 18th. All very close stuff. Devon, however overturned Dorset in their last game on Tuesday and as Wiltshire had halved with Dorset, Devon were the overall winners and we got the wooden spoon :(  However it is some consolation that we were the only ones to bet the winners! 

We were also unfortunately missing 2 teams this year in Somerset and Cornwall as the lack of 'ex County' seniors that want to play is drying up due to the sheer success of the junior development programmes going on in the counties (and long may that continue!). Therefore we have as a group now finally decided that we will open this up to all seniors over 50 wishing to take part in competitive scratch foursomes golf regardless of whether they have or are still playing mainstream 1st team golf. We hope therefore that next year will will back to a full 6 counties taking part.  

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